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What is Folklore Films?

Folklore Films is a non-profit film company dedicated to telling better stories.


We must tell better stories to ourselves about ourselves to be better, healthier, and more resourceful. This visual anthropology project is designed to excavate the stories of local folkloric heroes. Through human stories, we will tell better stories to our city about our city, one folkloric character at a time. Folklore will flourish from good rumors. 


In a city whose commerce is driven by natural resources, many of which are not renewable, we have discovered that the last renewable resource is The Human Story. No other resource in the city adds value and values like a good story. 


Great folklore begins with good rumors. This project is a good rumor mill for the last renewable resource: the human story.  


What: Funded by Awakenings, Inc., in part by Houston Arts Alliance, and in partnership with Duke University School of Leadership, this series of film screenings highlights innovative and imaginative personalities who enrich the soil of our city and make Houston a cultural destination. 


The Key Objectives: 

1.    To tell stories of personal narratives that our city can glean from. We will use mavens and do-gooders in the city as modern-day parables to communicate principles from which we can all grow.

2.    Cross-pollinate silos of culture, vocational disciplines and passion that flower renaissance in the city.


The Experience:

Documentary Film Screening 

Artist Talk

Reception & Cross-Pollination Mixer 


Why: To cultivate stories, cross-pollinate communities, and unearth the principles learned from modern-day folklore heroes.


Who: At Folklore Films, we believe that every human being has gifts and experiences that fuel our own folklore to inspire human development. Our singular objective is to reveal the resonant human beauty in story.  

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