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Awakenings, Inc. Presents:

The Life Design Academy

Our intention is to help people design the best life possible.

The Life Design Academy is a learning community that invites fellows to turn city problems into personal projects by cross-pollinating paths with like-minded people who have projects. 

We have designed a spiral curriculum, complete with practicums and laboratories for participants at every level of life design. Fellows in the Life Design Academy include a wide range of folks who are:

  •  Unclear on what their purpose in life is;

  •  Clear about their purpose and want to transition to honor it on a full-time basis; and

  •  Fulfilling their purpose full-time and want to take their endeavors to a deeper level of intentionality, make a broader impact and heighten their thought leadership.


Through a 12-month journey multi-disciplinary laboratories that engage all the senses, Life Design Academy Fellows can turn a city problem into an innovative project. These experiences are full of possibility and potential to design the life of your dreams!

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